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Professional Talent Solutions From a People-First Company

Maven is a people-first company based in Columbus, Ohio, and we say that because people are at the very heart of what we do.

We provide IT staffing and consulting in Columbus, and have established customers coast to coast. With services like RPO recruiting and IT executive searches, our IT talent solutions specialize in putting the right people in the right seats, no matter where they are.

Our People-First Approach

Fulfilling our values as a people-first company means more than simply matching skills and experience with job requirements, but by gaining an intimate knowledge and understanding about our partner companies, their culture and matching that with qualified candidates. We’re not just checking simple boxes, we’re gaining an intimate knowledge by understanding our clients’ culture and matching that with qualified candidates.

It means connecting the right mindset and passion of the talent to the right company and situation. We take the time to understand people’s goals, aspirations and make sure they connect to the organization’s culture and values.

We maintain connections to the most qualified IT talent in Columbus and across the country, and our people-first approach has been a catalyst to delivering quality of hire and talent retention for our customers.

We take the extra time to learn about the people we work with because it means we can do a better job of placing those people where their skills are fully utilized, they’re happy and motivated. That means greater quality of work, less turnover, and a winning situation for everyone.

Our own work culture starts with our Founder and CEO, Suresh Rachuri, who insists upon employees being respected and heard at all times, and inspiring them to constantly be improving and striving for excellence – not for us, but for themselves.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help your business with this approach.

IT Talent Acquisition

When you need skilled IT talent to fill an open role, the first thing you’re going to do is probably post the position and start a timely and costly search.

Using our white glove approach eliminates shortcuts on hiring. That’s how Maven ensures a committed hire to meet your growing business needs.

Our talent team conducts extensive screening, ensuring a candidate that meets your qualifications, culture, and values.

Staff Aug Solutions

Few things are as important as having a flexible, scalable workforce to help with major upcoming projects and tasks.

Ideally, you need highly trained, extremely capable specialists in fields like software development, application development, networking, and systems engineering, among others. But going through an entire hiring process is slow and inefficient, compared to a turnkey IT staffing solution that lets you hit the ground running with a team of specialists.

Maven offers staff aug solutions for businesses that want the right people in the right seats for exactly the right amount of time.

RPO Recruiting

Maven prides itself on being able to match our recruiting and hiring practices with the needs of the organizations we work with. Whether you’re looking to do large-scale IT staffing in Columbus, or you need a more agile, nuanced approach to filling roles, we can make the process easier.

Recruiting and hiring is a time-consuming process, and with Maven, you can save that time and effort with RPO recruiting that lets you focus on running your business with the confidence of having people in the right places with zero hassle for you.

Retention and Culture Development

Through Maven’s internal approach and processes we have built a work culture that attracts and grows incredible talent. We take a consultative approach to analyzing your workplace and culture to establish a happier and more collaborative environment.

In today’s highly competitive market, workforce retention is essential in all areas of your organization. Your culture must set you apart from your competition. Maven’s diverse culture, connections with industry experts and our analytical eye on the market will help guide you in culture development. After all, IT talent acquisition doesn’t do much for you if that IT talent doesn’t stick around.


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