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Professional IT Consulting Services in Columbus

Maximize your business’s capabilities with Maven’s top-notch IT consulting services in Columbus. We provide high-level professional consulting services to help your organization plan and work through strategic technology transitions and everyday challenges. Our business IT consulting specialists come with specific competencies aligned with Maven’s onshore solutions and our modern workplace teams. We are skilled and experienced in providing legacy application migration, custom applications, software development, integrations, cloud technology migrations, and modern workplace through M365 solutions stack implementations.  You can trust us for comprehensive, tailored assistance with your information technology challenges. Contact us for more information on our IT services in Columbus.

Custom Software and Application Development

Elevate your business with Maven’s exceptional custom software development services. Our software solutions team leverages a lean and agile methodology to ensure we deliver the right custom application for your business.

From initial design to deployment, we collaborate closely with your stakeholders, guaranteeing a seamless process. With expertise in mobile applications, web applications, DevOps, and Azure cloud services, our dynamic solutions team delivers cutting-edge solutions.

Whether it’s front end, back end, full stack, or mobile development, our experienced team excels in various technology stacks, including .Net, C#, HTML, Angular, React, VUE, SQL, and more. Experience custom systems that adapt precisely to your processes, eliminating the need to adjust your workflows for technology.

Learn more about how our team of experts can help you with your custom software and application development and application needs.

Managed IT Solutions for Your Business

Organizations are looking to become more efficient and functional by implementing new processes and technologies, but knowing where to start or what will work best may be a challenge. Make sure the technology is molded around your business and not your business around the technology.

Maven adopts a methodological, holistic approach, understanding your project goals to upgrade systems that perfectly complement your organization.

Whether it’s web development, cloud technologies, project management efficiencies, IT training, networking, or systems development, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise includes deploying integrated solutions like MS Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Viva, and Defender within the M365 stack. Empower your users with Power Apps, leveraging data for agility and self-service innovation.

When you choose Maven, you can expect a comprehensive governance plan that ensures managed IT services and effective risk management.


Choose Maven For Your
Columbus IT Services

Every business and organization we work with is different. As a true people and technology company, we understand that even businesses in the same vertical are very different from each other, and require uniquely tailored solutions for application development, cloud migrations, modernization, and overall efficiency.

With a focus on tailored solutions and cost-effective approaches, we ensure that technology aligns seamlessly with your processes, boosting efficiency and productivity. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions that force you to adapt. Let Maven create bespoke systems that fit your unique needs and drive your success.

If you’re ready to partner with an IT consulting company that wants what’s perfect for your business, call us to learn more about our comprehensive IT consulting services. Together, we’ll shape a thriving digital landscape that propels your business to new heights.