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IT and HR Executive Search Talent Acquisition Services

While many people know Maven as an IT staffing company, the reality is that our IT talent acquisition services cover every level of your staffing needs, from short-term project contractors to C-suite executives.

The stakes are never higher than they are in a HR executive search, finance executive search, operations executive search or IT executive search. Establishing a fit for a vision and culture are important for every worker, but much more so when you’re looking for someone to quite literally lead the vision and culture of your organization.

Getting the wrong person in a VP, director, or C-suite executive search can have consequences lasting years. Let Maven be your partner in getting the right people in your most important seats.

How We Work With You for a Successful Executive Search

At Maven, we never fill a role for any client without having the utmost confidence in the success of both company and worker.

That’s why being a people-first company is one of our core values – we learn as much as we can about both individual talent and the community of people at each organization we work with. We get to know the needs, goals, values, and culture of every company we work with before filling any talent need.

Our People First process carries over into an IT executive search, operations executive search, finance executive search and HR executive search, but we turn our candidate vetting process up to a maximum level. Because it’s not enough to simply be “qualified” for the position. Our goal is not searching for simply “qualified” people, our goal is finding you the RIGHT person to lead your mission.

Our Executive Search Process

The first step of our executive search process is getting to know you, your goals, understand your company culture and the key qualities you are looking to add to your leadership team. We work very closely with you to find out exactly who and what you want out of your executive search. We align our search with your goals to find the right fit for your culture and initiatives, and we fine-tune our criteria to present you with candidates who are a great match.

We use extensive industry connections and networks to identify these candidates. After rigorously interviewing each candidate, we further vet their qualifications by contacting references and the details of their prior successes.

Once we’re confident we’ve found the right candidates, we will discuss our executive search findings with you, give our endorsements on who we believe are the top candidates for your organization, and assist with onboarding.


Begin Your HR, Operations, Finance or IT Executive Search With Us Today!

Maven has the experience, connections, and attention to detail to make your executive search a major success.

Whether you’re looking for a C-suite executive, VP, or director-level position, we know how to use our expertise to find a great culture and skill fit for your organization.

If you’re ready to begin your HR executive search, operations executive search, finance executive search or IT executive search, and you know the stakes are too high to risk not getting the perfect fit, contact Maven today. Let us show you the difference of working with a true people-first company.