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Professional IT Talent Acquisition Services

At Maven, one of our most important values is ensuring we’re putting the right people in the right seats.

Our HR, Finance, Operations and IT talent acquisition services are highly-rated because of our people-first approach, where we go a step further into the needs of both organizations and workers to find situations that are equally beneficial to both.

Here’s why that matters to us, and why it benefits you.

Our “People-First” Approach to IT Staffing

Part of being a “people-first” company means getting to know people and caring about them. So when talent comes to our HR, Finance, Operations and  IT recruiters in Columbus, Ohio looking for placement, we put in a little extra time learning about who they are.

When it comes to our IT staffing philosophy, it’s not just about what skills they have. It’s about what kind of work they enjoy doing, whether they prefer working in a large or small company, what kind of office environment they work best in, what their long-term career goals and ambitions are, and what motivates them.

With this information in mind, we match them up with companies that closely match their preferences, which means happier workers, a smoother integration into the team, and a dedicated employee.

Organizations come to us because they know we have an undeniable track record of successful IT talent placement services that match the right people to the right environment, going beyond just matching a list of skills to a list of qualifications. Even though we are experts in IT Talent placement, our customers come to us for all their talent needs whether it is in HR, finance or operations.

Talented individuals come to us because they know we’re going to help them drive their personal and career goals by putting them in positions and an environment where they thrive.

IT Talent Solutions for Business and Organizations

We are certainly very proud of our successful, people-first approach to IT staffing. A great culture fit is important, but our IT talent solutions still need to deliver someone who has the right skill set.

We have IT talent solutions ready for different needs  – project management, custom programming, networking and systems, information architecture, cloud migrations, security, application development and more.

In addition, Maven’s staffing in Columbus and across the country helps you fill roles for any term, and any purpose. We have professional IT consulting services where you can get help on a short-term contract and then decide later about permanent hiring options.

Or, when you need a role filled immediately, we help you with IT recruiting for a direct hire, connecting you with a talented and motivated employee who can hit the ground running in your organization.

We also have IT executive search expertise, so if you need someone with the highest of qualifications and experience to run your entire IT operation, we’ll find the right fit for that as well.

Much of our IT talent solutions are in Columbus, Ohio where our company is headquartered. With the growth of our customer base we’ve expanded and supported IT staffing solutions across the United States.

HR, Finance and Operations Staffing Solutions in Columbus and Nationwide

Our IT staffing solutions are not the only kind of staffing solutions we offer. Because we are all about people and technology, we recruit professionals who know how to manage both people and technology.

Our overall business staffing services are every bit as detailed and people-centric as any of our talent acquisition services – we will connect you with a specialist who has the skills and motivation to thrive.


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Our approach is proven to deliver great HR, Finance, Operations and IT staffing results with high employee and company satisfaction, and low turnover.

If you’re ready to start getting the right people into the right seats, contact us today and get your search started.

And if you’re an HR, Finance, Operations or IT talent looking for the best way to advance your career in the way you’ve dreamed of, stop dreaming and start doing. Contact us at and take those next steps today.