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About Maven’s Mission and Values

Maven is not simply a staffing company. Our job is to be more than that. Maven is a people and technology company.

Since 2010, Maven has been bringing people together with professional IT talent solutions, RPO recruiting, and a variety of technical and personnel services that make lasting connections between companies and quality individual talent.

But in everything we do, we put people first. So we want you to get to know us, our values, and our people as well.

About Suresh Rachuri,
CEO & Founder of Maven

Maven CEO Suresh Rachuri started his journey in software development and built a wide range of experience throughout his early career, including innovation in technology, national defense, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

In 1999 Suresh began consulting in talent acquisition for large companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Cardinal Health, and Battelle, and saw firsthand the needs that exist within the technology industry.

In 2010, Suresh founded Maven, in order to follow his passion of finding talent that has the right motivation to fit the right company mission. Truly a people and technology company, Maven’s behavior-driven process ensures that the right people are in the right seats. Suresh now leads this amazing team of talented, motivated, and like-minded professionals and looks forward to continuing to serve the talent acquisition and IT solutions communities for years to come.

In his personal life, Suresh is a proud “dog dad” to two fur babies and has recently reconnected with his childhood love of skateboarding. He is also passionate about giving back to the community and has served on the Board of Columbus Early Learning Centers for 7 years, and as a volunteer for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program for 17 years.

Our Mission and Values

The term “Maven” comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. He describes Mavens as the people who make things happen through big ideas and thorough information, and that’s who we aim to be as a company.

We are MAVENS because we have the experience and understanding to look at problems  from the “Big Picture” perspective. We work tirelessly to make sure we understand not only the what of people and organizations, but the who and the why.

We connect talented people with organizations who need their skills, but we also get to know the ambitions and personal needs of those people, the culture and values of those organizations, and we work to fit those things together in a way that truly satisfies everyone involved.

We are doing more than simply matching skills to requirements – we are creating connections that benefit both parties for a long time to come. That’s how we keep growing our network of exceptional individuals and satisfied, successful companies to better connect special talent and the organizations they will help to flourish.

Maven as a company was formed to address the weaknesses and shortcomings of the typical IT “staffing” agency. We go beyond simply putting people in seats. We are putting the right people in the right seats.

Executive Team

Suresh Rachuri


Michael Franckowiak

Chief Revenue Officer

Abram Cookson

Director of IT Solutions

Kelley Jo Rachuri

Director of Employee Engagement