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How Staff Aug Solutions are Different From IT Consulting

Maven offers specific application development and product management solutions alongside our professional IT staffing solutions, and there’s no question the two are closely related. So what’s the difference between staff aug solutions and IT consulting?

Generally, our IT consulting and product development solutions are great for when you have highly specific needs – when you’re about to work on new web and mobile application development, cloud technologies solutions, and other highly specialized product development projects.

But sometimes there isn’t just one specific major task at hand. Sometimes you need an agile person or small team with a variety of skills that you can use on custom projects and general improvements throughout your company. This is where Maven’s staff aug solutions come in.

What Makes Maven’s Staff Aug Solutions Better

We provide IT talent acquisition services with skilled contract hires with broad skill sets in areas that work for your needs. And as with all of our IT staffing solutions, we stand apart from our competitors by taking a people-first approach to staffing.

One of the major complaints about staff aug solutions is that having hired contract workers that you can direct alongside regular employees sometimes creates a culture conflict, as the contract workers are less invested in your company’s culture and long-term goals.

Maven circumvents this by taking a personal interest in both your business and the talent we’re recruiting for it, ensuring that not only skills line up properly, but cultural values and interests are aligned as well.

This makes for staff aug solutions with a better culture fit all around – the talent is happy with the work they’re doing, and the company is pleased with their output and fit into the workforce. Our goal is for our staff aug solutions to result in talented individuals who feel like invaluable members of your team from day one.


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Staff Aug Solutions and Options

What makes more sense for you: staff aug solutions? A completely outsourced product development team? IT consulting on retainer?

At Maven, we are more than just an IT staffing company – we are a solutions company. When you contact us, staff aug solutions are but one of the solutions we can provide, but it may or may not be the best one for you!

We don’t just send you talented people – we work together with you to determine the best and most effective course of action to achieve your goals and drive your success and growth. So whether you just need some light IT consulting to iron out some technical kinks, or you’re looking for large-scale IT staffing or staff aug solutions requiring hundreds of seats to be filled, Maven is ready to help you solve those problems.

Contact us today and let us help you get the right people in the right seats!