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Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry

At a Glance

Delivering custom-built solutions to solve inefficiencies for an aerospace client, on time and under budget.

Our client came to us with a challenging request of continuing the development of a legacy system and create an entire back-office system, streamlining their business with one complete solution.

Key Metric

The projected 4-year project timeline was accomplished successfully by Maven in 6 months.


  • Create an entire back-office system and customer portal that would streamline the client’s business with one complete solution.

The Maven Why

The goal was to deliver a customized solution for a client facing challenges with an urgent timeline.

Customized Solutions
Web & Application Development
Project Management

Key Components

1. Internal Web Application

Maven developed a complete internal PWA (personal web application) for on-site technicians to complete their scheduled certifications for Aerospace manufacturing equipment.

2. Portal System

Maven created a portal system – allowing the client’s customers to interact directly with technicians, receive notifications, manage schedules, and access mission critical certification data.