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At a Glance

Delivering an efficient way to bring in trial patients and monitor the treatment progress

Our client needed help. They have a promising procedure (eTMS) to combat PTSD, mental health, addiction and brain trauma. They were awarded funding from the state to proceed with a non-invasive trial focusing on the veteran community. Their needs were finding qualified trial patients and to create intuitive feedback system for the patient and research physicians.

Key Metric

Tracking the mental state, health, and sleep of veterans experiencing PTSD.


  • Create a recruitment tool to qualify potential candidates for the study.
  • Connect patients with IoT technology to monitor their progress through the trial period.
  • Create an intuitive monitoring system for both the patient and research physician.

The Maven Why

The goal was to positively affect the lives and future of our veterans and first responders by using eTMS technology to provide a successful treatment method for PTSD and mental health.

Customized Solutions
Web & Application Development
Analyze Results

Key Components

1. Recruiting Tools

Maven built a patient evaluation portal to validate qualifying metrics of a patients to help recruit within a pool of applicants for the trial study

2. Real-time Data Capture & Analytics

By interacting patients with IoT biometrics monitoring devices and then building analytical tools to evaluate the patient status. This allowed for automated interactions with medical providers on a day-to-day basis and provide continual feedback through a simple interface.

3. Web-based Provider Portal

A secure web-base portal was built for providers allowing medical staff to easily gather daily information, engage with patients directly, and immediately review metrics with dynamic on-screen displays