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Speaking on Azure Pipelines, March 15, 2023

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I am Russell McFadden, a lead software engineer with Maven.  Please join me on March 15, 2023, at the Winter Tech Briefings. I will be speaking on Azure Pipelines. Azure Pipelines can not only guarantee code that compiles but can also keep resources in the cloud up to date in a timely manner. Automated testing during the pipeline’s build process, not only on the backend but also on the front end, can help reduce bugs and ensure code covered by tests is working properly prior to delivery. This includes a breakdown of test results to determine where failures occur so issues can be responded to quickly and easily. On the release side of the pipeline, deployment can even be automated to release at a time that will cause minimal impact to the end user. The hassle-free environment configuration allows code to move confidently and consistently through all environments. With thirty hours of free build time every month, all of my personal projects utilize Azure Pipelines.