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Product Development

Product Development Solutions

Maven is a team of problem solvers, and our professional staffing solutions are a part of that. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with any company on bespoke products, project management and software

In the same way that we put the right people in the right seats, we also provide the right solutions to fill the right gaps. Find out how Maven can partner with you as a solutions company that drives the results you want, on time and on budget.

Product Development With Maven

With any company we work with, for any reason, our top priority is learning about you, your company, your people, and most importantly, your needs. We’re a people and technology company, so the first thing we do is set about learning your company’s structure and where your pain points are to discover how we can make work easier and more efficient for your people.

No application development, software development, or cloud technologies solutions can take shape until we take the time to truly understand the issues facing your company and the results we’re trying to achieve.

From conceptualization to prototyping to scaling, our top product development experts help with complete design, development, and architecture of growth-oriented solutions.

A People-Driven Process

Here’s our product development process at a glance. First, you share your existing problem or idea with our business IT consultants. We listen and learn about your company holistically, getting to know your processes and the people responsible for them.

Next, we analyze your requirements along with our own findings with a group of specialists who are knowledgeable and passionate about your business, and provide you with a plan of action.

From there, we help you staff and organize a dream team of product developers and engineers to execute that plan.

Our collaborative product development process combines our best with your best. We conduct ongoing iteration reviews for each project so we can tailor it with your feedback to make sure we deliver your project on time and on budget.

Full Stack Product Development for All Organization Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a customized product built for your startup company, or optimized processes for an industry-leading corporation, our solutions are always built to scale with your success.

Our past success stories include the largest burrito-maker in the United States, a top-10 mortgage company, state funded health care studies and many more, including countless small businesses.

We design backend product development solutions to make your internal processes more efficient, frontend product development solutions to drive sales and positive customer interactions, and full stack product development solutions for a thoughtful, complete integration that benefits everyone.

And because of our solutions-oriented, people-first approach, we will never try to provide you with a generic, premade solution. We only start problem solving after we understand the problem. That’s how we dig deep and provide comprehensive product development solutions that drive real growth and progress for your organization.


Work With Us

Find out more about our product development capabilities and successes by contacting Maven today. We can’t wait to get to know you and help you find the solutions that will drive your future success!