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IT Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies

The impact of COVID-19 is still being felt throughout every industry, and the demand on changing IT infrastructure has been undeniable.

More than ever, it has become important to ensure that cloud technologies, networking and systems, and web development are up to speed to keep up with the remote work revolution, hybrid workplaces, and other changes to the way we work and stay connected.

The Benefits of Optimized IT Infrastructure

Maven’s approach to IT infrastructure optimization aims to give you full control over your technology, from network and server control down to software and individual workstations.

At one point in time, this would have been a very centralized process, all taking place in a single office. But the world has changed, and hybrid and remote work is the new normal. That means accounting for remote workstations, controlling access to data and information, and ensuring a smooth workflow for people in multiple locations.

Maven has been ahead of this IT infrastructure development, and has been ready to assist organizations with the mobile and remote work revolution for years – dating back to when it was just a good idea, not a requirement.

We bring years of experience in making sure you and your workers have the access they need and the ability to communicate, work together, and share information freely, making your remote workers just as integrated as on-site workers. We do this with industry-leading cloud technologies, as well as networking and systems infrastructure built specifically for your organizational needs.

At the same time, we also keep your workplace’s safety in mind, developing cyber security solutions that keep your information protected, without creating unnecessary, frustrating barriers to your workers.

Why Trust Maven for IT Infrastructure Optimization?

As with everything Maven does, our approach to your IT infrastructure is people-first.

How is your workplace organized? What challenges do you face with that organization, and how can we make it better? Most importantly, how do your people like to work to be most productive, efficient, and happy?

These are a few of the questions we’ll start with, far before discussing any cloud technologies or managed IT services. Our job isn’t just to sell you a box of technology and call it a day – it’s to truly get to know you and your organization, and work on a solution that suits you and your workers on a personal level.

Our process is people oriented and solutions oriented. Too often, we see IT infrastructure work putting people last – implementing systems that are efficient in theory, but remaining tone deaf to the needs and demands of the people actually using them.

At Maven, we understand that the end user of any IT infrastructure is who should be best served by those systems. That’s why we take the time and effort to understand how you work best, and create solutions to support those workflows.


Work With Us

If you’d like to take the first step towards developing the IT infrastructure that will let your organization work at its maximum potential, contact Maven today and let’s talk about your needs.