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Culture: The truth behind the buzzword

CEO & Founder of Maven, Suresh Rachuri recounts the beginnings of Maven…

“Suresh, you’re not a good culture fit so we are letting you go!”


This happened to me.

It was crushing and horrible timing. I was left feeling quite depressed and lost.

I felt defeated and as though I was not good enough.

Little did I know, that experience sparked what is now Maven!

Our value of being a “people-first company” is just one ingredient of our secret sauce. Being a people-first company enables our employees to champion our customers by delivering valuable results, on TIME and on BUDGET. As a leader, my goal is to ensure that we find the right fit for each role and invest in each employee so that they grow and succeed. I strive to build a great culture that will attract people with matching attitudes. With the hopes that once they’re hired, they will stay because they’ll actually like showing up on Monday mornings.

Suresh Rachuri on Maven culture
Suresh Rachuri on Maven culture

I am so grateful to our partners and advisors that continue to provide me the opportunity to support their organizational goals and continue to believe in Maven, and understanding how we are MUCH more than “Just Another Vendor”.

Maven is an IT Solutions company that thrives on connecting customers with fantastic talent to help solve their business challenges. We strive to be a trusted partner for industry leaders supporting areas such as service desk, CRM, ERP, automation, infrastructure & security, and application development.

Big things are coming as Maven continues to grow.