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Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

At a Glance

MORPC is responsible to help direct their members on infrastructure and service needs to address the economic and population growth in Central Ohio. MORPC came to MAVEN to support a scaled IT resource and infrastructure direction, so MORPC could provide better service for their partners members and to ramp up for the rapid growth Central Ohio is experiencing.

Service Expansion

Tailoring a sustaining path for MORPC to advance the technology of services offered to its members.


  • Understand the needs at department levels as they engage with IT
  • Understand the MORPC vision and services MORPC wants to provide members
  • Significant attrition and turnover in IT leadership impacting MORPC
  • Scaling to meet the increased demand for their services

The Maven Why

MORPC is going to be a crucial part of supporting the infrastructure projects for the tech investment in Central Ohio. With the amount of investment coming into the region, MORPC’s support needs to scale. MAVEN is the perfect team to create a plan and path for MORPC to scale and continue to offer first class support to their members. MAVEN is a team of talented leaders in IT with extensive experience– from start ups, large corporations to government entities.

Customized Solutions

Key Components

1. Resource Interviews–the organization today

The MAVEN team went through a detailed interview process to understand MORPC as it is today and all the interactions of IT with the services they provide their members.

2. Understanding the growth needs

The MAVEN team assessed the current use of their IT team and provided a plan for extending IT’s use as a leadership service instead of just a support roll.

3. IT Resource planning

With ongoing attrition, MORPC’s IT has limited resources. IT’s current focus is maintenance. MAVEN’s team gave MORPC a resource growth plan, putting IT at the table to support future planning and expansion activities. MAVEN’s talent team has been tasked to lead the recruitment effort, finding the right technology leader for MORPC’s future.

4. Supporting execution

Once a new IT leader is identified for MORPC, MAVEN will provide fractional support, recruiting and solutions services to execute MORPC’s IT growth needs.