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Salesforce Consultant: Mustafa U. Full Client Portfolio


Mustafa U. Full Client Portfolio

Professional Summary:

Expert Salesforce Architect, Instructor, Developer, and Marketing Cloud consultant eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills. A clear understanding of Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Communities Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and experience in developing custom applications using Salesforce Lightning. Motivated to support clients and their users to strategize and plan their projects.

American Express

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Twilio

  • Created a very micro level messaging and information system that sends multimedia messagesto American Express Card Users who join to special events in the US.
  • Created the overall system architecture.
  • Integrated Salesforce Marketing cloud with Twilio thru 3rd party custom-developed system thatintegrates with Amex Shortcode numbers.
  • The system sends unique and generic information-rich messages to the Amex users who are at that special event.
  • The system was first tested on Amex users who joined to Salesforce Dreamforce Event, 2018.
  • Created a Dev-Ops and Testing Environment for Email Creative Developers, who develop HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ampscript.
  • I integrated the Dev-Ops environment to SFMC Content Builder thru SOAP API.


Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Communities Cloud, Service Cloud This project was preparing Audi RFP, project will last 3 years after kick-off.

  • Joined all VP and CxO level meetings with Audi
  • Analyzed the tech stack of Audi with Audi tech staff
  • Created a solution to implement a Marketing Management Portal for Audi dealerships
  • Marketing Management Portal is going to integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.
  • Each dealership has its own website technology, their employees connect to Salesforce systems via an SSO system.

BP (British Petroleum)

Project: Created Personalized Cloud Pages that used Ampscript to interact with regional BP websites for Salesforce Marketing Cloud BP end users.

  • Supported Web Team for their implementations, provide API access, endpoint, creating compatible webpages and other related pages on both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM.
  • Integrated related Salesforce CRM part with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Integrated webpages data sharing using oAuth 2.0 with Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud.
  • Prepared and provided necessary data import, export, instant API integrations.
  • Tested the QA of all steps related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Cross Country Mortgage

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Created all stages of automated emails that mortgage borrowers receive from multiple loans, sales, underwriting, title officers.
  • Created the data model required for messaging of all mortgage processes.
  • Created the data flow between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM.
  • Tested and QA’ed all created Journeys, Automations, Queries, and other activities.

Delta Airlines

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Delta implemented Marketing cloud 2 years ago, they did not have any historical data on opens, views, clicks, unsubs and special programs unsubs.
  • Created Data Automations to make queries, data imports, exports, data manipulations for preparing the data.
  • Created more than 600 various automation, created more than 200 Data Extensions
  • Extracted all necessary data from the last 2 years (24 months) and provided the data in the required format to Delta Data Science Teams.

Dunkin Donuts

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Created Automations, especially SQL Queries to create specific audiences among more than 14 Million different subscriber records.
  • Build Journeys, for Mother’s Day, that focuses on Women and their interactions with emails.
  • Managed a team to fix the issues of Email Deliverables (HTML, CSS, Browser Compatibility, Multi-Device Responsiveness)

Enterprise Car Rental

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Automation Tech Stack Strategic Future State Vision Proposals.

  • Created the Data Model of all tech stack related to SF Marketing Cloud.
  • Created the Data Flow and decided on the single source of truth systems.
  • Decided the prioritization of the future work in the roadmap.
  • Documented all sorts of live running Journeys, by different states, countries, legislationdifferences and customer loyalties.
  • The proposed Business Unit structure among 5 other brands of the client, including data sharing models.
  • Proposed Future State of Marketing Tech Environment including Business Intelligence Tools, Salesforce Einstein, and DMP.
  • Made meetings with VP level and Tech team in all levels.
  • Presented solutions to VP level of the client, answering all client questions during the project phase.


Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Project

  • Created API connections to SFMC.
  • Changed the key id system in Data Model (Previously, SubscriberKey was email addresses)
  • Integrated SFMC with Adobe Experience Manager
  • Connected SFMC with Adobe Campaign Standard

H&R Block

Project: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Identified all the issues on HR Blocks Salesforce Marketing cloud.
  • Created a Solution Architecture for Marketing Cloud and their current tech stack integrations, data flows etc.
  • Prepared a Data Model Solution for their running Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance.
  • Designed Filter Criteria, Data Source formats, Data Import/Export Schedules, Segmented Data Extensions.
  • Prepared a Solution for their Suppressions problems.

WL Gore

Project: Salesforce CRM and B2BCommerce (CloudCraze)

  • Joined all VP and CxO level meetings with WL Gore
  • Analyzed the tech stack of Gore in an Architectural perspective
  • Led Salesforce Developers on creating pages for B2B and CRM.