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Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions

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What are Talent Solutions?

Maven’s strength is in identifying the right candidate at the right time to shorten your hiring timeline AND increase retention. Maven boasts an incredibly low 0.53% turnover rate for our hires. Our diligence in talent evaluation and strong industry connections supports that continued success. Being a Talent Hacker means more than reading resumes; it’s a job dedicated to anticipating and meeting the needs of everyone we work with.

We find talented individuals who we screen and score on workplace performance and behavior. We pair these candidates with companies that align with their goals for a perfectly suited partnership. When your team is aligned from the start, workplace productivity, onboarding, and growth can only continue from there. We specialize in quality procurement and can’t wait to help you find the next member of your team.

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What is Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

How do you manage your recruiting process? Do you lack the resources? Is handling compliance and risk management a concern? Are you dealing with the Talent Scarcity dilemma?

Finding talent can be difficult especially if your company has limited bandwidth to do so internally. The world is not lacking talent, it’s finding the unique set of skills for your business needs that can be an intricate process. This is where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can be your solution.

Maven provides a customized recruiting solution by utilizing revolutionary technology to provide strategic sourcing and talent analytics. Our expertly defined process for talent assessment and identification qualifies the right candidates for your business solution. Maven is adapting its strategies to bring businesses quality talent, organizational agility, and scalability. Maven offers a variety of customizable RPO solutions for your needs, whether it’s comprehensive RPO, project RPO, selective RPO, recruiter on demand RPO, or integrated talent solution. Whatever your tech talent needs, Maven is there to help scale your business through people and partnerships.

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Corporate coworkers brainstorming in  software developement company

What is IT Staffing?

Does your staff not have the skills you need to complete the task? Maven uses an outsourcing strategy to provide skilled outside personnel to meet your goals.  This strategy allows your business to ramp up and back down without shouldering the responsibility and liabilities of hiring full time employees. Maven will supply the industry experts so you can pivot in a rapidly changing and fast paced environment.

Maven’s expertise includes:

  • ✔ Contingent recruiting
  • ✔ Retained recruiting

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