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Maven launches New Site – COVID Hiring Updates

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Added Portfolio Services – IT Business Solutions, IT Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting, and Executive Search

Maven continues to provide excellent level service during the COVID pandemic and has just announced new core services. Providing top-tier support for IT business staffing needs has driven Maven to expand its current portfolio of offerings. A major focus of the company is Executive search. By recruiting elite-level and C-level executive talent Maven has been able to provide valuable resources to Fortune 500 companies. See some of the product stack on their new site pages or visit here

New Offices

Hiring new talent while moving offices is something that Maven is doing first hand. Starting in October, Maven will be moving to a new location as part of Haven Collective and the Mansion located in downtown Columbus. Providing IT Business Solutions, IT Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting, and Executive Search to its clients.

Expanding the Maven team

In order to support the full-scale initiatives that Maven provides, the executive team is hiring new marketing personnel in-house. The team will facilitate changes and updates to social media platforms including Linkedin, copywriting, lead generation, & credential building. The new team will be focused on articulating the accomplishments of Maven into credentials that will cascade out to build case studies for internal use and better help clients understand the companies objectives. The marketing team will also help the sales team with RFP responses and ROI analysis with Google Ads and other marketing initiatives.

Helping Support Business Through COVID

The landscape has changed but great talent is still an essential priority for growing businesses. With internet usage at an all-time high, corporations are finding it necessary to expand their IT resources internally and sometimes through cloud solutions support. At Maven, we have worked with many businesses through this transition and can find the top talent needed for your business to address this global shift. For many Fortune 500 companies, many IT support staff, and admins are working from home which is an entirely different dynamic for your company culture fit. We are professional consultants to help you during this from business development, corporate restructuring, and more. Contact us today for insight into a solution.